Calories in Churros

Churros are a dessert native to Spain and have existed for multiple centuries. Churros are made from olive oil and flour and sometimes cinnamon sugar to change the flavor. Churros have a long shape to them, similar to a breadstick.


Shepherds in Spanish mountains created the churro multiple centuries ago. The churro is still eaten regularly in Spain as a snack. The dessert eventually spread to North and South America. Other countries added their own features to the churro, making a larger, hollow version and filling it with fruit and chocolate.


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The churro contains a little more than 115 calories. It is not a source of vitamin A or vitamin C. It contains about 4 percent of daily carbohydrate needs and has just over 2 g of saturated fat. It also has about 0.86 g of polyunsaturated fat and about 4.13 g of monounsaturated fat.

American Churro

Some American restaurants have churros on their menu. One restaurant's 1.6 oz. churro has 170 calories and about 8 g of fat. Additionally, this churro contains about 200 mg of calcium and 140 mg of sodium, according to Calorie King.