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How to Calculate Distance on an Elliptical Trainer

By Greyson Ferguson

Time yourself on the elliptical trainer. You will need to know the exact time you are working out. It will be easiest if you work out to the nearest complete number (such as 20 or 30 minutes).

Look at the screen display on your elliptical trainer for the speed at which you are traveling. You will need to know your speed to determine your distance.

Write out your number in a simple mathematics formula to determine your distance traveled. The formula will look like D=ST/60. In longer terms it is distance equals speed multiplied by time divided by 60 (the number of minutes in an hour).

Input your numbers into the equation. Lets say you were traveling at 5 miles an hour for 30 minutes. The equation will now look like D=5x30/60. 5 times 30 equals 150. Divide 150 by 60 and you come up with 2.5 miles. This is the distance you have traveled.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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