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How to Buy Badminton Shoes

By Contributor

Badminton footwear is arguably the most important gear for a badminton match. If your feet are uncomfortable or you don't have the proper shoes, you won't be at your best. Good shoes can improve your agility and reduce your risk for injury.

Evaluate what type of feet you have before you go out to buy new badminton shoes. If you have a low arch or none at all, you are going to want the maximum support available. If you have a high arch, you will need extra cushioning.

Do not purchase a pair of "everything" shoes. Your badminton shoes should be used specifically for badminton, and you shouldn't try to use them for running or other sports. Do not wear jogging shoes to play badminton, as the soles are thicker and will not provide the stability you need.

Do not buy shoes with black soles. If you will be playing indoor badminton on a court, black soles can leave scuffmarks.

Leave approximately 1 inch between the end of your big toe and your shoe, allowing for ample movement within the shoe once you are wearing sports socks. This will prevent your toes from jamming themselves against the inside of the shoe, and you will be much more comfortable while playing.

Purchase a pair of heel cups to insert into your badminton shoes. The cups will not only make your feet more comfortable, but they will also increase the life of your badminton shoes. Look for heel cups that come with a lifetime warranty.

Buy shoes that have excellent grip. In badminton, you will be doing a lot of pivoting and fast movement, so you don't want to slip. Also, look for maximum cushioning and flexibility in the shoe.

Visit your local sporting-goods store for a proper fitting. There should be someone familiar with badminton who can show you shoes that are made specifically for the sport. Go shoe shopping at the end of the day. Your feet will be at their largest by then, and you'll get a better fit.

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