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How to Build Muscle for a 50-Year-Old Man

By Ryan Casima

People who exercise live the longest. Building muscle is a great way to keep the heart and immune system active and top condition. Many people think lifting weights at an older age is bad for joints. However, if done properly, building muscle can strengthen joints, even at advanced age. Working out for muscle growth at 50 years of age seems kind of strange, but it is a great way to keep the muscles in top shape.

Building Muscle At 50 Years of Age

Step 1

In essence, there is no real difference between a 50-year-old bodybuilder and a 20-year-old bodybuilder, except that the 20-year-old might have more growth hormones and adrenaline. However, if someone has started bodybuilding at 50, some measures have to be taken. Before lifting heavy weights, older "newbie" bodybuilders should lift lighter weights at 15 to 20 repetitions to strengthen the joints. After about a month, they can move on to six to eight heavy reps for muscle growth.

Step 2

Older bodybuilders must eat right. When someone is young and the metabolism is high, the body is not really affected by a lack of nutrients once in a while. However, as the body grows older and the metabolism slows down, every workout has to be followed by a good meal--and, for bodybuilders, plenty of protein.

Step 3

Men 50 and older should not focus on the amount of weight lifted (powerlifting). Focus on the effort put into the workout. For example, a man curls 50 pounds eight times. Another man curls 30 pounds eight times but does each repetition slowly. The man who curled 30 pounds is going to grow larger muscles because he had a longer workout with more blood flowing through his muscles. Weight should be lifted with a slow motion for six to eight repetitions.

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