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How to Get a Free Blood Test

Find out if you have Diabetes, STD's, Anemia, Leukemia or other diseases without insurance for free!

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Free blood results can be found if you take the time and research areas and look outside the box. Luckily, I have done all the work for you so all you have to do is read this article and follow the directions.

If you live near any institution with a nursing program this is the first & best place to go. All of these students are learning how to become nurses and need people to practice on. Don't be nervous because they have already practice quite a few times on each other. You can get you CHOL levels, Glucose, Hematocrit, plus they will give you way more information and can answer plenty of questions for you. I've done this for a friend and it was very quick and I got my results in 5 minutes.

What Blood Tests Need Fasting Preparation?

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Donating blood is another way to get blood results except this one won't give you full nutrition results. Instead they will tell you if you have any illnesses that can't be used for donation. They will test for HIV, Hepatitis, and you can even find out your blood type.

If you are a college student your in luck, usually every few months, nurses will come to your school and give out free blood tests to see if you have any STDs. Just ask your school infirmary when the next dates are when the volunteer nurses will be in town.