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How to Find the best blackhead removal tool for You

By Contributor ; Updated July 27, 2017

There are many blackhead removal tool on the market today for you to choose from. This article talks about the best way to remove blackheads for your particular skin type and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of these methods. Blackheads look like black bumps on your skin. It is a type of acne and makes your pores look large. Blackhead removal tool must be used frequently to achieve the best results.

What is a blackhead? It is a type of acne on the skin and mainly affects those of us with oily skin. It is found on the nose more than any other place and appears like small black bumps all over the nose. For most people with oily skin, the nose is where the skin secrets lots of oil. The oil or sebum is stored in the pores and undergoes oxidization. And that's why you see little black bumps.

There are several blackhead removal tools on the market for you to choose from. You can squeeze it out with your nails. But it is not recommended. If you have sensitive skin, it will irritate your skin.

The best way to remove blackheads depends on your skin and your preference to the products listed below.

You can buy a blackhead removing strip from biore. The strips are very easy to use and are somewhat effective at removing the blackheads. The first step is to wet your nose, and stick on the strip. Let the strip dry and remove it slowly. It will pull out your blackheads. The biore strip is not for sensitive skin because it will irritate your skin and leave redness on your nose for at least a couple of hours. (see links below for more information on biore's pore strip)

You can also buy a blackhead removing scrub. It contains little beads and will scrub out your blackheads. They are effective at removing blackheads and may contain salicylic acid to help you with other types of acne as well. It is suitable for sensitive skin as long as you don't scrub too hard. (see links below for more information on neutrogena's blackhead scrub)

It is very hard to completely eradicate blackheads because we cannot stop our skin from producing excessive oil. The blackhead removing methods should be used periodically to help alleviate the problem.

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