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What are Black Mold Symptoms?

By Antonin Korenek ; Updated July 27, 2017

Having black mold in a house can harm a person's health. Black mold produces mycotoxins, which are volatile organic compounds.

How Black Mold Forms

Black mold often forms because of moisture or dampness on a surface. These surfaces can include walls, clothes, furniture or even metal. Black mold can be caused by a leaking pipe whose drops have created a damp surface on the inside of a wall.

Minor Symptoms of Black Mold

Minor symptoms of black mold include wheezing, headaches, coughing, red eyes, rashes and hives, asthma, lethargy, dizziness, lack of concentration and allergic reactions. These symptoms are often produced by the body's immediate reaction to the mycotoxins produced by the black mold spores. Symptoms usually will begin to abate when a person is moved into an area without black mold.

Major Symptoms of Black Mold

If a person has prolonged exposure to black mold, serious problems can occur. Major symptoms of black mold include memory loss, irregular blood pressure, damaged digestion and respiratory systems, urinary track infections, pain in internal organs, infertility and various other neurological problems. If an individual experiences any of these problems, he needs to seek a doctor immediately and take the steps necessary to rid the home of black mold.

Signs of Black Mold Growth

Black mold appears as black spots on the wall and will even create yellow or brown stains. Also, black mold has a strange odor that is often described as "musty" or "mildewy." Even if these signs are not present, if a person begins experiencing an allergic reaction or is having a respiratory system response, then black mold might be present.

How to Prevent the Growth of Black Mold

It is easy for people to prevent the growth of black mold in their homes. Maintaining proper moisture levels in the home is the best way to prevent mold growth. Fixing leaks quickly will also ensure that moisture will not accumulate on surfaces capable of holding black mold. Air purifiers as well can cleanse the air, destroying mold spores.

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