Berocca Cold Remedy

Many cold remedies claim to shorten the time period of a cold, lessen its effects or prevent colds entirely. Some of these claims are made by herbal supplements that have not been scientifically demonstrated to have any effect whatsoever. Outside of the United States, a time-tested method for cold relief is Berocca, a vitamin supplement sold in a variety of forms 1.

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How Does It Work

Berocca is used for many different reasons—to make up for the lack of vitamin C or B in a diet, to “cure” hangovers and to relieve the symptoms of minor illnesses 1. Cold prevention and relief, however, remain of the most common reasons for Berocca use 1.

Berocca is a supplement of many different vitamins 1. B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B12 vitamins are all found in abundance in Berocca supplements 1. Many people take Berocca for its high concentration of vitamin C. Calcium, folic acid and zinc are also included 1. These vitamins and minerals each have a role in the body of the healthy individual. Vitamin B has been demonstrated to be helpful for aging individuals with colds, and vitamin C has long been recommended as a supplement to shorten the duration of a cold. While Berocca may not be able to prevent a cold, many have experienced the relief of symptoms due to the supplement’s healthful, necessary ingredients 1.

How Can It Be Taken

Berocca may be taken in many different forms for cold relief 1. Effervescent tablets, the original, have been sold in 30 mg and 15 mg options for some time. More recently, film-coated tablets have become popular. Berocca is available in several flavors 1. Some individuals are creative with Berocca supplements and add them to juices or smoothies, particularly if they dislike Berocca's flavor 1. Others prefer to add Berocca to hot water and make a type of Berocca “tea” on cold days 1. None of these methods diminish the efficacy of the supplement.


Although Berocca is largely very safe, there exist a few concerns, mostly related to overuse 1. The recommended dosage is one tablet per day. Taking more than one tablet in a 24-hour period can result in a variety of health problems. Those with kidney disorders should avoid taking high doses of vitamin C, as it can cause further kidney damage. Misuse can even result in an unhealthful dose of vitamin C and cause kidney stones in otherwise healthy individuals. Film-coated Berroca tablets should be avoided by vegans, since the film coating is lactose based.