What Are the Benefits of Rock Sugar?

Less sweet than refined sugar, rock sugar is simply crystallized raw sugar 2. Yet some claim this form of sugar has positive health benefits. There are other benefits of rock sugar as well 2.

Fresh Breath

Merchants sell any number of items to ensure good breath, from mints and gum to sprays. Almost everyone has a problem maintaining fresh breath. In India, rock sugar is partnered with aniseed to ensure freshness in the mouth and breath 2.


In cold and flu season, throats often get parched and sore. The TCM Well website reports that adding rock sugar to green tea improves the body's immunity and helps ward off laryngitis 2. Using rock sugar can have health benefits for users 2.


Rock sugar, also known as rock candy, is sold as a sweet for consumption 2. Any number of flavors and colors may be added to rock sugar when used or sold as rock candy 2. Rock candy sugar also is added to teas, such as that found in Northwest Germany's East Frisian 2. Those who hail from this heavily tea-drinking populace believe a benefit of adding the rock sugar to their tea is the enhancement of the tea drinking experience 2.