Atkins Induction Breakfast Ideas

By Ann Mazzaferro

Most dieters dread the beginning of a new diet, as visions of strict rules and tasteless food loom large. On the Atkins Diet, however, the first phase (the Induction) offers dieters a wide variety of foods that can be eaten anytime. Avoid falling into the a breakfast rut by getting creative and finding new, low-carb substitutes for favorite breakfast dishes.

Egg Dishes

High in protein, eggs are an ideal food for those in the Atkins Diet Induction phase. However, don't just limit yourself to scrambled or over-easy. For the classic American breakfast, try two eggs sunny-side up with a side of bacon, also an Atkins-approved Induction food. For an elegant brunch with friends, consider a classic frittata with goat cheese, artichoke hearts, onions, mushrooms and fresh herbs. Accompany this dish with a side of steamed asparagus, dressed lightly in olive oil and lemon zest. To start your morning with a little more kick, improvise an Atkins-friendly version of huevos rancheros by ditching the tortillas and serving eggs over a bed of sauteed bell peppers. Top with cheese, sour cream, chorizo, homemade salsa and olives.


For those cold mornings where you find yourself reaching for the oatmeal, consider a low-carb soup instead. Try a creamy, comforting pumpkin soup made with fresh pureed pumpkin, cream, chili and a dash of nutmeg. Awake your senses with chicken broth spiked with mushrooms and ginger — perfect for clearing the sinuses when a cold strikes, and excellent for your digestion anytime. Avoid winter squashes like butternut squash, as they are high in carbohydrates and sugars.


Lettuce may not usually inhabit the breakfast table, but wide-leaf lettuce is an excellent option for making fast, low-carb breakfast wraps. Use mild butter leaf lettuce to make a wrap using tuna, mayonnaise and slivered almonds. Try sturdier hearts of romaine to hold hot scrambled eggs, meat and veggies. For mornings at home, try salmon-and-cream-cheese roll-ups dotted with capers and served with sliced tomato and avocado for the gourmet bagel experience without the carbohydrates.

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