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How to Alkalize Your Body as Quickly as Possible

By Deborah Mazon ; Updated July 27, 2017

Alkalize your body to create a proper pH balance. Potential of hydrogen or pH is a measurement of the balance of alkaline and acid within a substance. The pH increases as the substance increases in alkaline. Healthy body cells are alkaline or basic. The normal pH level for blood is 7.4. The benefits of alkalizing your body include increased energy, mental clarity, lower risks of disease, proper digestion, low body fat, and freedom from aches and pains. Get started on this quick and easy guide to alkalize your body.

Make friends with distilled water. Take it with you where ever you go. Think of it as flushing your system of harmful acidity and toxins. If without distilled water, regular water is good, but remember distilled is better.

Avoid coffee, tea (except green, black and herbal), soda, lemonade, orange juice and other drinks with an acidic pH. Acidic drinks are harsh to your digestive system and teeth. Often coffee, tea and sodas are consumed on a daily basis and flood the body pH. Because the body is 75 percent water, these acids are carried throughout the body and can affect every cell and organ.

Avoid artificial sweeteners. Have you noticed the bitter aftertaste that they leave? That is due to the high acid levels. Artificial sweeteners cause far more harm to your health than they aid in the reduction of calories.

Avoid beef, pork, canned sardines, canned tuna and veal. Substitute these meats with poultry and (un-canned) fish. Chicken, duck, turkey, freshwater fish, and wild salmon make delicious and healthy substitutions.

Eat a salad made of avocados, tomatoes, summer black radish, alfalfa grass, cucumbers and lettuce with every meal. Follow this guideline, and quickly see a difference in your overall health.


Make the salad described in Step 5 large enough to last for several days. Replace fast foods with a serving of salad.


Alkalizing your body is important in sustaining good health and life itself. A blood pH of 7.2 means death.

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