How to Align the Neck at Home

By Amanda Johnson

The human head weighs anywhere between 10 to 14 pounds. Since the neck is responsible for keeping the head up, it is important to keep it aligned. A misaligned neck will cause unwanted weight and tension on neck muscles, causing extreme pain in some cases. If you would like to align your neck at home and avoid a trip to the chiropractor, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Align your neck by bringing the front of your rib cage up. This will bring your head back over your shoulders to the correct position.

Buy a pillow that aligns your neck while you sleep. Many people lay on their neck the wrong way because of their pillow; or they watch television before falling asleep. The neck pillow is designed for back and side sleeping.

Perform a simple yoga technique at your desk, if you are crunched for time. Align your neck above your shoulders while sitting in a chair. Inhale, and while you breathe out, bring your ear down to your shoulder. Inhale and exhale several times, before repeating the stretch with the opposite ear and shoulder.

Lay down on the floor and perform chin tucks, to aid in the alignment of your neck. Place a rolled towel under your neck. Bend your knees and keep your arms at your side. Lower your chin towards your chest and hold it there for a count of five. Release the stretch and repeat ten times.

Attend a pilates or yoga class, or ask an instructor for one-on-one personal training. You can easily find an instructor by using a yoga search site.

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