Crestor 10Mg Side Effects

Crestor is the brand name in the United States for the generic rosuvastatin, a medication prescribed for the treatment of high triglycerides and high cholesterol. Because Crestor decreases the amount of cholesterol produced by your body, it can help to prevent hardening of your arteries, known medically as atherosclerosis. This occurs because the fats that can clog your blood vessels are reduced. Crestor 10mg is administered as a pill. The Mayo Clinic reports no serious common side effects for this drug.

Is This an Emergency?

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Crestor 10mg may cause pain throughout your body as a common non-serious side effect of the drug. You may, for example, experience bodily aches nearly anywhere in your body. You also may get a sore throat when taking the drug, and because of this, you may experience difficulty when you try to swallow. Headaches also are possible with Crestor 10mg. All of these types of side effects are classified as temporary and should vanish in a few days after you begin your use of the medication. Tell your physician if your pain persists beyond this.


Because Crestor 10mg essentially changes your body chemistry by preventing the full amount of cholesterol being produced, your body can react to the changes. One way it may do this is to extract more than normal amounts of liquid from food as it is being digested. This causes your stools to become more solid than usual and it makes it harder for you to have a regular bowel movement because of this constipation. This, too, should cease after a few days or a week of using the medicine.

Cold-Like Side Effects

Other common, non-serious and temporary side effects of Crestor 10mg may resemble the same kinds of symptoms you would get with the flu or a cold 2. For example, you may get chest or nasal congestion when you first take the drug, the Mayo Clinic reports. You also may develop a cough and get a runny nose. Hoarseness is another example of a common temporary side effect of Crestor 10mg. The medication also may change the quality or tone of your voice temporarily.