The Best Golf Drivers for Women

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Golf clubs for men and women differ in their length, weight and stiffness. Because men, on average, are taller, weigh more and have more strength, they need less power in the clubs they use to hit the ball the same distance. Because the driver is generally used to obtain maximum distance, women will want one that provides power without sacrificing control.

Head Size

If you want to hit the ball with more force, remember that Force = Mass X Acceleration. The more mass in the club head, the more force you'll be able to generate. Women's drivers offer larger head sizes to give more power, while offering a larger hitting area to provide more control.

Head Loft

Because of their slower swing speeds, women have more difficulty getting the ball into the air than men. For this reason, a woman's driver will have a higher loft angle in order to project the ball upward.


Drivers for women are more flexible than women's shorter clubs, which are stiffer in an effort to increase control. The more flexible the shaft, the more distance produced because of the added rebound effect. Consider a child jumping on a trampoline and one jumping rope on a cement sidewalk. The child on the trampoline will jump much higher, while the one playing on cement will have more control when she lands. Graphite shafts are more flexible than those made with other materials, so look for graphite shafts when buying a woman's driver.


The heavier the club, the slower the swing. Because women generally have less muscle mass than men of the same size, they will be able to generate less club head speed with a heavier club, and so drivers for woman are lighter.


Women's drivers are generally longer because a club head that's farther away from the ball takes longer to get to it, giving more time for acceleration to occur, increasing club head speed at impact. "Longer" is a relative term because clubs should be fit to the player based on their height and arm length. But, for a man and woman of the same height and arm length, the woman would want a longer driver.


Women's clubs feature grips that are narrower and shorter.


Drivers for women are available in more shaft and grip colors than those for men.