Benefits of Transracial Adoption for Children

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Transracial adoption is the placement of a child of one ethnic background or race with adoptive parents who are of a different ethnic background or race. Transracial adoption occurs for many reasons, and while there may be challenges, the benefits for children are great on many levels. Adoption experts have varying opinions about this type of adoption; however, it is clear that transracial adoption has many benefits and advantages for children.

Embracing Diversity

With children who are adopted into homes that are of a different ethnic background and race, there is an opportunity for children and families to embrace diversity that may not have existed prior to the adoption. Children can benefit from a multitude of opportunities that will expand their cultural horizons.

Growing up in a culturally diverse home that offers children books, music and artwork that represent the child’s race will create an identity for the child that is positive and that will also seek to expand racial awareness for the entire family. When a child has created an identity for herself by being taught about where she comes from, it opens her up to be accepting of different ethnic backgrounds and races. This is how the child can become open to learning about other ethnic backgrounds and cultures.

Advantages for Transracially Adopted Children

Children who have been adopted into homes that are of a different ethnic background and race will often handle identity concerns better than most people because of the simple fact that they cannot act as if they are like everyone else. Younger children who are adopted transracially are able to deal with any adoption insecurities they may have before they become young adults. This is a great benefit for children as it is a variable of adoption that can be easily identified and worked on earlier in a child’s life that will help them continue building a foundation for the rest of their lives.

Fesitivities and Culture

According to the Child Welfare Information Gateway, children benefit greatly from learning about differences in people and learning about these differences can be very inspirational for a child. Children who are adopted transracially have the added benefit of participating in diverse festivities and to learn about different cultures. Adoptive parents are taught that if you adopt a child that is of a different race then you should expose that child to festivities and celebrations that are of that child’s race. These children can benefit greatly from this because it can help them build self-esteem.