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Bananas As Brain Food

By Julia Bodeeb

The banana is a very popular snack and breakfast food in America. They are a nutritious way to start your day or anytime snack. Bananas are first known to have been grown in China in 200 A.D., according to the University of Texas. A banana is a healthy alternative to processed foods, and it is 99.5 percent fat free. Eating a banana helps the brain to function at its best. Bananas release energy slowly, and this helps the brain to stay alert.


Bananas have a high level of potassium. Thus they are a good food for overall health. Bananas supply potassium to the brain, helping to keep oxygen levels normalized and also promoting strong signals between cells.


The tryptophan in bananas works to elevate the mood via stimulating serotonin production. Serotonin helps keep the mood stable and bright. This enhances brain function by eliminating the foggy thinking of depressive tendencies.

Sleep Inducer

Bananas are known to help induce sleep. A few slices of a banana are a great pre-bedtime snack. Eating a banana before sleep may help ensure deep rest. The brain functions at its best when deep slumber occurs and a person awakes feeling refreshed and energized.


Bananas are also a rich source of fiber. This fiber helps to stabilize overall health and ensure that the digestive system is functioning smoothly. When overall health is strong, the brain is able to work at its strongest capability as well.


Bananas are a good source of the vitamin B6. The vitamin is crucial to the development of serotonin.

Healthy Snack

The banana is a good portable snack. It is easy to carry a banana around in a purse or backpack. Thus making it an easy snack that is always available to give the brain an energy boost. A banana is a much better snack for the brain than candy, which may cause an immediate spike in blood sugar levels and then a crash that can leave the brain feeling lethargic.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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