Carrot Juice for Cancer

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Drinking carrot juice is one of the best ways to prevent cancer or fight cancer. According to the "Antioxidant Miracle," carrot juice provides powerful antioxidants that support health and the immune system. Eating raw or cooked carrots are great ways to obtain vitamins, minerals and even fiber, yet it would be difficult to consume enough carrots in your daily routine to meet your body’s cancer prevention needs. The juice from 1 lb. of raw carrots makes one glass of juice.


Carrots contain the cartenoid alpha carotene, beta-carotene and potent antioxidants. Recent studies published in the "Antioxidant Miracle," indicate that alpha carotene is a more potent cancer preventative and fighter than even beta-carotene. Carrots contain one of the few cartenoids with pro Vitamin A activity, which means that the body converts the beta-carotene into Vitamin A as needed. In addition, carrots contain calcium pectate, a source of soluble fiber, Vitamin B-complex, C, D, E and K, iron, calcium and phosphorous and manganese.


Remove the tops from the carrots. Use organic carrots for juicing to ensure that you do not introduce pesticides into your juice. Wash the organic carrots before juicing, but do not peel them. If you do not use organic carrots, wash them using a vegetable wash solution to remove pesticides and scrape the peel, if desired, before juicing. The authors from "Juicing for Life, recommend preparing carrot juice to work in combinations with other nutrient-filled vegetables, to boost nutrients to fight cancer.


Serve your juice immediately after juicing. According to "Juicing for Life," that is when the juice is at its peak for flavor and antioxidants. If you cannot drink your juice immediately, cover the glass and refrigerate the juice so that it does not oxidize. Begin and end juicing with the softest vegetables or fruits. For example, to create an apple-carrot cocktail, begin with half of the apple, then add the carrots next and end with the remaining half of the apple.

Prevent Cancer

Since cancer is a complex disease, preventing what causes cancer is equally as complex. From research taken from the "Antioxidant Miracle," one of the best cancer preventative methods is to juice not only raw carrots, but carrots in combination with foods that have equal cancer fighting properties such as ginger root, garlic, apples, celery, green peppers, onion, spinach and parsley. For a cleansing carrot juice drink, add a ¼-inch of fresh ginger, one peeled raw beet and half of an apple.

Fight Cancer

Authors from "Prescription for Cooking," recommend creating carrot juice cocktails that are beneficial as cancer fighters. Add to your carrots juiced collard greens, kale, parsley and spinach for additional sources of cancer fighting beta-carotene. To add more Vitamin C in your diet, add kale, parsley, green pepper or broccoli with two carrots daily. Since juicers do not juice bananas, avoid adding them to the juicer. Carrots blend well with nearly every other fruit and are as delicious as they are refreshing.