What Can Influence a Child's Behavior?

If only you as a parent could control every influence on your child's behavior, then every kiddo would be perfectly behaved all the time. Still, the time you spend with your tot is a huge influence on behavior, according to HealthyChildren.org 456. Quality time translates to good behavior; not enough time together can lead to your little one acting out to get your attention.


Your parenting style influences your child's behavior greatly. In fact, as AskDrSears.com points out, a parent's role in shaping behavior cannot be understated 2. From demonstrating appropriate behavior through your own actions -- staying calm under pressure for instance -- to rewarding and punishing good and bad behavior respectively, Mom and Dad play an indispensable role in determining how a child acts.


Some kids are just more difficult or stronger willed than others. Just think about when you tell your tots it's time for bed. One kiddo throws a huge fit while the other handles the end to playtime in stride. As KidsHealth.org points out, certain children will by nature have stronger reactions to various circumstances 1. So, you can do your best to shape your sweetie's behavior through modeling and consistent discipline. But innately, your pewee possesses some characteristics that make her who she is and influence how she behaves despite your efforts.


The people your kids spend a lot of time around influence their behavior, as AskDrSears.com acknowledges. That is why it's so important to help your honeys pick appropriate friends. If you see your child adopting an undesirable behavior from a play mate, like talking back or acting out physically, you may need to reevaluate whether the friendship is suitable. The same can be said for caregivers or anyone who is in your little one's life. Are these people good influences? The answer should be a resounding "yes."


Children are more technology savvy than ever. Time spent online and watching television can influence a kid's behavior, according to HealthyChildren.org 56. Unfortunately, many of the influences are bad. In fact, Healthy Children notes that 75 percent of the violent scenes on television fail to depict the person committing the crime demonstrating remorse over his actions. Imagine the message these types of programs are sending to children. To maintain as much control over how technology affects your child's behavior, limit television time and closely supervise Internet usage.