Gift Ideas for New Moms Going Back to Work

When a new mother finishes her maternity leave and is ready to go back to work, she may be filled with conflicting emotions; nervousness about getting back to her job, sadness for leaving her new baby with a sitter or daycare, and even excitement to pursue her professional goals 1. Giving her helpful gifts that will make her smile, streamline her routine and make the transition a little easier show that you are considering her personal situation in going back to work after an extended leave and after a life altering event 1.

Portable Pump

A new mom returning to work may still want to be able to feed her baby her own expressed milk. Most pumps are large, noisy and hard to move, but a portable pump slips into a discreet bag and makes pumping at the office easier. A pricey gift, several family members may want to combine their money to purchase this must-have for the working, but still breastfeeding, mother.

Nanny Cam

A new mom may be worried about the babysitter or daycare provider, or may just want a chance to check in with her new baby via video. A nanny-type cam that can be set up in the home, and then viewed from any computer online can be a comforting gift for a new mom who is anxious about someone else caring for her baby. A web cam is also a good choice; she can chat with her baby and his caregiver online during breaks.

Freezer Meals

A new mom heading back to work may feel guilty about the time spent away from her baby. That's why allowing her to maximize her time with baby is important. Preparing a few meals that can go into the freezer means that she doesn't have to spend precious time with her child getting dinner on the table. She can place it in the oven and play while it cooks, and she'll be grateful for the extra hand during those first few hectic weeks.

Digital Photo Frame

A digital photo frame is the ideal gift for a new mom who wants to show her new baby off to her coworkers 3. Instead of one picture, like a conventional frame, a digital photo frame can hold as many as 1,000 pictures and scroll through them all, according to "PC" magazine 3. She can upload her favorite pictures of the baby, and have those pictures on her desk to remind her just what she is working for.

Child Artwork

While her baby might not be old enough to paint a masterpiece, you can create artwork with even the smallest of babies that she can display on her desk as a heartfelt keepsake. Using some non-toxic paint, you can coat the baby's hand and press it down on a paper, doing the same with his foot. Label the painting with the date and name of the child, and have it framed for a piece of artwork that a new mom on the job can display proudly in her office.