A Chore List for Teenagers

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A chore list for a teenager is usually different than a chore list for a younger child. If you add “clean room” to the chore list for a teenager, it's likely that you'll have more challenging expectations for him than you would have for a younger sibling. Review chore lists with your teen so that your youngster understands the expectations.

Morning Chores

Morning chores can include tasks such as clearing the breakfast table, starting the dishwasher and feeding pets. If there are younger siblings, your teen's chore list may include getting the younger siblings off to school safely with their school gear. If you leave the house early for work, your adolescent might need to lock up the house securely after everyone leaves for the day.

Evening Chores

Possible evening chores for your teenager might include jobs such as homework, laundry and putting away dishes from the dishwasher. Your youngster might feed pets in the evening, take out the trash or take care of general clutter control and clean up around the house.

Weekend Chores

A weekend chore list for your teenager might be more extensive, including tasks such as washing floors and cleaning bathrooms. Your youngster might also take care of cleaning the family vehicle. If you have more than one teenager in the household, offer a schedule where the kids care of specific jobs on alternating weekends. Make sure you iron out the schedule carefully so that each teen knows the jobs assigned on each weekend.

Seasonal Chores

Depending on your local weather conditions, your teen might clear driveways and sidewalks of snow in the winter. Winter chores might also include replenishing woodpiles and weatherproofing the home, if applicable. Put your teen to work in the yard in the summer, mowing, trimming hedges, pruning trees and weeding gardens. Your adolescent might also perform basic household repairs.