Valentine's Day Gifts for New Dads

As a new mom, you might find yourself having a hard time feeling romantic when Valentine's Day occurs. With the pressures and responsibility of a new baby to worry about, romance may go unnoticed by you and your spouse. Making sure that you get a Valentine's Day gift for your partner can help him know that he is loved, and may even put some of the spark back into your marriage. Choose gifts that help him to unwind and relax, or give the two of you time to reconnect, to help melt some of his stress away.

Babysitting Services

Give your spouse the gift of a stress-free day as a Valentine's present. Volunteer to care for your baby while he enjoys a round of golf or a drink with some friends. You could let him know in a Valentine's card that you'll be giving him babysitting services so he knows the date and time he should head out to blow off some steam. It is a gift of less stress for him and allows him to relax and regroup, and it shows that you are willing to shoulder some extra responsibility for his Valentine's Day gift.

Thoughtful Vouchers

Being a new dad comes along with a few duties that your partner may not particularly like to do. Changing diapers and giving baths are just two of the duties on the long list for new fathers. Make him a voucher book, where you give him a few free cards, so that if he doesn't want to change a diaper, he can pass it off to you and you'll do it instead. Think of those jobs he likes the least, and make vouchers so that he can relax while you take care of it. This is an especially good Valentine's Day gift from a partner who is strapped for cash, as many are after the birth of a baby.

In-House Date

Just because you don't have plans to go out doesn't mean that you can't celebrate a romantic Valentine's Day together. Plan an in-house date for after the baby goes down. Start with a fancy dinner that you have prepared, eaten by candlelight. Then choose a movie that you think he would like, and break out the theater-style popcorn, candy and soda for a real date-night experience, without even having to leave your sleeping baby. He will love the thought and planning that went into it, and you don't even have to pay a babysitter.

Relaxing Massage

Having a new baby around the house, and adjusting to the role of a new father may leave your partner feeling worn out, tired and needing some relaxation time. Purchase him a massage gift card at a chain spa. While he may be wary of too feminine spa experiences, chain spas may be more tailored to meet both genders' needs. Look for a spa that offers a male package so that he is more comfortable, and send him off for an hour of relaxation and rejuvenation. He will return even more ready to tackle his responsibilities as a new dad.