The Best Foods for a Diabetic to Eat for Breakfast

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Having diabetes doesn't mean you need to eat bland, boring foods at every meal. You can eat a variety of satisfying foods at breakfast that will fill you up without spiking your blood sugar. Mix and match these foods for even more variety and a greater sense of interest in eating healthy foods.

Eggs and Meat

Protein is an important part of any diet, and including it is a great way feel full and satisfied after your meal. According to the American Diabetes Association, each meal, including breakfast, should be one-quarter protein: good options include steak and eggs, scrambled eggs with salsa, hard-boiled eggs with vegetable sticks or steak and vegetable stir fry. Some of these choices may seem strange to eat at breakfast originally, but are very satisfying and can be made in bulk in advance.

Don't Ditch Dairy

Diary products can be very useful on a diabetic diet. Low-fat milk, yogurt and cheese have low glycemic index ratings, meaning they don't spike your insulin levels after eating. These foods also give you a good amount of protein and calcium. You can combine cheese and ham in a lettuce wrap, or have a bowl of yogurt topped with some nuts, cinnamon and shredded coconut for a tasty and filling breakfast.

Protein Goodies

Many tasty breakfast options are available if you are willing to experiment with protein powder. Select a whey, soy or rice protein powder that doesn't have any added sugar and is low in carbohydrates. Then you can replace flour in most recipes with protein powder for diabetes-friendly baked goods: protein muffins, protein pancakes or protein cookies. If your recipes call for a lot of butter, egg whites make a good replacement and won't give you the hit of saturated fats you would otherwise get. Protein shakes, made with low-fat or nut milk, are another filling and versatile breakfast option.

Balanced Carbs

Diabetics need to avoid certain carbohydrate-rich foods, but there are a number of options you can safely eat for breakfast. These include rolled oats, rye bread, soy and linseed bread, whole-grain cereals -- such as bran flakes and homemade sugar-free muesli -- and fruit. These are low glycemic-index foods, so they won't destabilize your blood sugar. Aim to eat these a couple of times per week to ensure that you are getting enough fiber and minerals.