Is There a Double Jogging Stroller That Fits Through Doors?

Double jogging strollers can mean more freedom for a parent who wants to head outdoors with two kids in tow. Jogging strollers feature strong frames and rugged tires made to roll smoothly over hard or uneven terrain. A compact jogging stroller is an excellent choice for a parent who wants to walk just as easily through the door at the local market as he or she does along the nature trail in the park.


When shopping for a double jogging stroller, keep in mind where you are primarily going to use the stroller. A compact jogging stroller will better suit your needs if you will be doing any strolling indoors. The standard width for an exterior door in the United States is 36 inches, and interior door widths can measure from 28 to 36 inches. Measuring your stroller before you buy it will ensure that you will be able to pass through the doors to most stores, offices and other locations with ease 3.

Though new double jogging stroller models are added to the market every year, several models are narrow enough to fit through most doorways. The Tyke Tech X3 Sport Double Stroller is 30 inches wide and is suitable for jogging 4. To jog with the 30-inch-wide BOB Revolution SE Duallie, simply put the stroller in fixed-wheel position. The Mountain Buggy Plus One is a mere 25 inches wide when open, and features an in-line design suitable for infants, toddlers and preschoolers 5.

Starting Out

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends waiting until your baby is at least 6 months old before placing him in a jogging stroller. He should be able to support his head and sit up on his own. Children younger than 6 months can ride in a jogging stroller if it features a secure harness or positioning options especially for small babies. To give your baby a more comfortable ride while you are jogging, provide neck support, recline the seat and stick to smooth surfaces. Babies over a year old can better handle bumpy trails and uneven surfaces.

Other Considerations

Most double strollers can handle up to 100 pounds, including two children, stroller accessories and other items like diapers and snacks. For smooth travel, it is best to distribute weight evenly in the stroller. Rugged, wide-set wheels and a sturdy, lightweight metal frame offer the safest foundation for a double jogging stroller. Other safety features should include a hand or foot brake, five-point safety harnesses and a wrist strap to keep the stroller from rolling away. Parents should secure all straps and test the brakes before going out with children in the stroller. Also be sure to properly inflate the tires to levels detailed in the owner's manual or on the tires themselves.