Fulton County, located in the metropolitan Atlanta area with roughly 1 million residents, is the largest county in the state of Georgia 2. The county offers several intervention services for youth with emotional disturbances and behavioral problems. Alternative schools, intensive family services and programs designed specifically with troubled youth in mind are available to families in need of assistance. Many of these programs aim to teach new, adaptive behavioral techniques, offer support to troubled youth and provide therapeutic services to help children cope with emotional difficulties.

Alternative Youth Academy

Founded by Dr. Rommys Beltran, the Atlanta Youth Academy (atlantatroubledteens.com), located in Alpharetta, is a school that seeks to instill the values of honor, integrity and respect in youth who attend this program. The school offers a strict environment that teaches children discipline and structure. Atlanta Youth Academy provides parents with information and resources to assist them in managing their children's challenging behaviors. Other services include accommodations for youth with learning disabilities and therapeutic services.

Youth Pride

Youth Pride (youthpride.org) offers supportive services to youth who may be struggling with issues related to their sexuality. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, LGBT youth are often ostracized and harassed, and many struggle with pervasive mental health issues, such as depression and suicidal thoughts. Youth Pride provides a safe environment for LGBT youth to meet their peers and receive counseling services and career assistance.

Crossroads Second Chance North

Crossroads Second Chance North (fultonschools.org), located in historic Roswell, is an alternative school that accommodates children who have been expelled from their home middle and high schools. The school offers the same fundamental instruction offered at traditional schools, but with a smaller student-to-teacher ratio for individualized attention. Counseling services are also available at Crossroads, and the school will provide students with additional support services if needed.

Youth Villages

Youth Villages (youthvillages.org) provides intensive, in-home individual and family services to youth who are at risk of being placed out of the home due to disruptive behaviors. Youth Villages has centers in several states across the U.S. and has a proven track record of keeping troubled kids out of jail and residential treatment centers and at home with their families. Youth Villages uses an evidentiary family restoration treatment model, which emphasizes treating the entire family and measuring progress over time to ensure effectiveness of treatment.

Youth Enhancement Services Inc.

Youth Enhancement Services Inc. (yesgeorgia.org), also known as YES, has provided community-based services to troubled, metro-Atlanta youth for 20 over years 1. Programs offered include GED and academic assistance, character development and life skills training, along with a workforce readiness program that prepares kids for entry into the job market. YES also offers holistic wellness programs, teaching kids to take care of themselves mentally, emotionally and physically.