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Lifting and Gaining Weight After P90X

By George W. Citroner ; Updated January 30, 2018

Whether you're training to lose or gain weight, the goal is almost always to improve your health and look better. P90X and weightlifting are two methods you can use to achieve these goals.

However, the numbers on a scale might not be an accurate indicator of how lean or fit someone following any fitness routine is becoming. There are three factors that make up the weight changes that the scale measures: water weight, muscle and body fat. According to a July 2006 study in the British Medical Journal, all three of these factors are influenced by diet, caloric intake and even fluctuations in the body’s hormone levels.

Complicating matters is the fact that, after using an intensive training program like P90X, weight can begin to creep up if the level of calorie burning that happened on the program isn’t maintained after stopping.

P90X Details

The P90X workout is designed around a roughly three-month-long program that takes people through a comprehensive, whole-body cardiovascular and strength building course designed to improve both physical appearance and all-around health.

Weight may fluctuate during this time due to things like increased muscle mass, reduced body fat levels and fluctuations in fluid intake and electrolyte levels (from sweating). While continuing the P90X program long-term is an option, for many people the intensity level is too much to keep up in the long run. What’s needed is a way to maintain the gains that were achieved without risking burnout.

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Gains by Weightlifting

According to a study in Adipocyte, muscles will burn more calories than fat, whether at rest or when active. The most efficient way to build or maintain muscle mass is by regularly doing resistance exercises with enough weight to stimulate strength gains and at least maintain the muscle built up by a workout like P90X.

By replacing P90X with a routine of weightlifting that works the major muscle groups like chest, back and legs will keep the hard-won muscle that helps increase the metabolic rate to burn more calories every day.

Calorie Control

Naturally, once someone stops doing an intense workout routine, the number of calories they burn in a day will be reduced. The diet that was followed during P90X that allowed regular fat loss may be too much to maintain that loss.

Reevaluate how many calories are eaten at each meal. Start by calculating how many calories were being consumed during P90X and approximately how many calories the workouts were burning. Now, subtract that amount of calories from how much is eaten every day.

Of course, if P90X is replaced with another fitness activity, the amount of calories that the new workout burns can be added back in.

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