Ingredients to Avoid for Potato Intolerance Images

A potato intolerance is not common, but often requires eliminating potatoes from your diet. A food intolerance is not the same as a food allergy, a true potato allergy could be life-threatening, while an intolerance simply produces uncomfortable digestive symptoms. Reading labels is the best way to ensure that you are eating potato-free products. Use caution when eating out by asking the chef or server about ingredients and preparation to ensure that you aren’t mistakenly eating potatoes.

Canned Soup

Dried potato flakes are often used as a thickener in canned soups, particularly creamy ones. Many recipes call for a can of soup to add moisture or flavor, which could result in potato intolerance symptoms. Avoid any items that contain potato flakes or dried potatoes. Try a homemade version of your favorite soup as a safe alternative.

Potato Flour

Potato flour is a gluten-free substitute for traditional breads, but it appears in many regular products as well. Watch for bread and cereal made with it. Some types of processed baked goods may contain potato flour as well. If you have celiac disease, reading labels is particularly important because many other grain products may contain potato flour, including pasta and crackers.

Sweet Potatoes

Some people who have a potato intolerance may only experience symptoms when white potatoes are consumed. However, sweet potatoes and yams may produce them in other people. Avoid eating sweet potatoes if they cause similar symptoms. Products that sometimes contain sweet potatoes include veggie chips, which you may choose as a substitute for potato chips.


Many types of bread and beer yeast are made with potatoes and may produce discomfort if eaten if you have a potato intolerance. This means that many prepared bread products you find at the grocery store contain potato, which might not appear on the label as an evident potato-containing ingredient. Preparing yeast-free breads at home may be the best choice for avoiding this issue. Some brands may be potato-free; a call to the manufacturer can often provide you with this information.