Why is it Important to Have Routines in Childcare?

As an adult, you probably schedule your day in a way that ensures that you have enough time for responsibilities and some pleasures. While kids don’t usually have the ability to plan their own days, they do benefit from a structured schedule, advises the American Academy of Pediatrics' HealthyChildren.org website.

Security and Stability

When little ones know what activities are included in each day, what comes next and which activity will occupy specific times of the day, they receive security that comes from this stability, according to the PBS website. This security can translate directly into positive feelings in a child of being valued and cared for, states PBS. Where chaos can be unsettling, consistency can enable children to thrive.

Freedom to Focus

Worrying about what’s on the schedule or what will be on tap for the day can rob a little one of the capacity to focus on his own issues, such as learning, exploring and interacting with others. Once you eliminate the anxiety and preoccupation of wondering what activities will unfold in a day, you provide your child with the ability to stop worrying and apply his energies positively, according to educator Elaine Comeau, writing for Northwest Regional Education Service District.

Habits of Self-Discipline

With a steadfast routine in place, your youngster will eventually internalize the schedule, building strong self-discipline, advises Comeau. With practice and consistency, your child will learn how to create his own routines that work for him, including morning routines, homework routines and chore routines. As self-discipline becomes ingrained, you may find that your child becomes more cooperative because he has a sense of competence, eliminating the need to argue about activities he needs to do.

Ditch the Arguments

When everyone knows that you read books after dinner or straighten bedrooms before baths, the arguments can stop because there’s no question about what comes next, states psychologist Laura Markham, with the Aha! Parenting website. The routine can take the brunt of the pressure if anyone objects to the schedule -- just point out to your child that this is your routine and it works for your family. A youngster who struggles with transitions often moves more comfortably from one activity to another when she knows what’s coming, so she might argue and complain less, too.