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Selenium Benefits for Men

Selenium is a naturally occurring mineral found in the soil and is vital in strengthening the body’s immune system. The mineral does this by combining with different proteins in the body to form antioxidants that enhance good health. Selenium deficiency leads to muscular weakness and fatigue. Adequate intake of selenium helps prevent heart disease and form antibodies that can help people living with HIV/AIDS minimize the virus’ damage to their immune system.

Improve Fertility

Selenium contains antioxidants that help in sperm formation and increases the sperm’s mobility, giving it the ability to swim and fertilize the ova. Adequate levels of selenium in men, therefore, improve the sperm’s chances of fertilizing the egg. It also reduces instances that encourage the breaking up of chromosomes responsible for the reproduction process, such as X and Y, thus lowering the chances of siring children with defects.

Reduce Cancer Rates

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According to a study conducted by Cornell University in collaboration with the University of Arizona from 1983 to 1997, selenium reduces the possibilities of developing cancer 4. Selenium’s ability to control cell damage that may cause cancer makes it beneficial in the fight against male life-threatening diseases such as prostate cancer.

Lower Risk of Heart Disease

The risk of heart disease is on the rise due to lifestyle changes that allow people to spend less time performing energy-intensive physical activities such as sports. This raises the amount of fat in their bodies. Regulating the amount of selenium reduces the risks of heart disease by lowering oxidation of harmful cholesterol and unnecessary clotting of blood.

Body Purification

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Selenium combines with toxic minerals, such as:

  • mercury
  • which is found in seafood
  • arsenic
  • cadmium
  • to weaken the negative elements of toxins that can harm the body

The mineral further combines with omega-3 fatty acids to help the body eradicate harmful fatty acids.