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Craving Salt & Frequent Urination

By Peter Mitchell

Salt cravings and frequent urination can signal underlying health problems. If you have both symptoms at the same time, you may have a problem with your kidneys. Giving in to your salt craving, however, might not always be the best approach. Excess salt in the diet increases sodium levels. This can affect your blood pressure, putting more strain on the kidneys and your heart. If you crave salt or urinate frequently, speak to your doctor.

Salt and Urination

Salt and urination are closely linked in the body. Salt includes sodium – an electrolyte used to maintain blood pressure and transmit some nerve impulses. The kidneys help regulate the amount of sodium in the body by excreting it out via urine. So, the more you urinate, then the more sodium you lose overall. In theory, if you urinate frequently then you may start to crave more salt to replace the lost sodium, though this usually isn't the case.

Addison's Disease

Salt craving is a possible symptom for people with a condition called Addison's disease, though only 15 percent of those affected may get the craving, according to NYU Langone Medical Center. The disease affects the adrenal gland, impairing its ability to produce hormones. One result of this is that the kidneys excrete more sodium through the urine. This in turn leads to bodily sodium loss. As more sodium leaves through urine, you may experience persistent and sharp salt cravings, notes

Infection and Disease

Frequent urination might point to a urinary tract infection which temporarily weakens your bladder or causes irritation. With a urinary infection you might experience discomfort while passing urine. Other potential causes range from an enlarged prostate to drinking diuretic fluids or excess alcohol or coffee. Some bladder tumors and disorders also shrink the urine-holding capacity of the bladder. The MedlinePlus website also points out that urinating a lot is a classic symptom of diabetes.

Pregnancy and PMS

Some women get very strong food cravings during early pregnancy or near the start of a new menstrual cycle. Often, these cravings involve salty foods such as pickles or potato chips. Despite the cravings, you should avoid too much salty food in either case. Pregnant women may also find that as the baby grows and puts more pressure on the bladder it means more trips to the bathroom. This rise in urination frequency is usually normal.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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