Five Minute Exercises for Morbidly Obese

For those who are morbidly obese, exercise is a necessary, but challenging undertaking. The usual exhortations to exercise for 30 minutes a day may seem overwhelming at first and, in some cases, physically impossible. In these cases, starting out small can lay the foundation for a successful move toward better health. Short, five-minute exercises can be motivating and achievable.

Dog Walking

Take your pet for exercise while getting in some needed exercise yourself. Take twice-daily walks around the block or up and down your street. The walk will feel like it has a purpose and you'll get the instant positive feedback from a grateful dog. A dog can also help you make this exercise a regular undertaking as many pets will eagerly beg for walks, especially when it starts to become a routine for them as well as you.

Climb Stairs

If you live in a multi-story house, set aside five minutes a day to climb up and down your stairs. Look for places where you can climb stairs instead of taking an elevator or an escalator. Remember to breathe deeply while climbing the stairs, to minimize fatigue and provide your muscles with necessary oxygen. Plan certain times during your day where you know you will have the opportunity to take stairs such as going to a lunchroom at work.

Park in Back

Build in extra walking opportunities by parking in the back of a parking lot whenever you go shopping, to work or anywhere else with a large parking lot. Make this a habit wherever you go. Keep an umbrella in your car so that bad weather doesn't discourage you from getting in those extra steps toward a healthier body.

Static Muscle Contractions

Being morbidly obese can lead to other health problems that may make even such simple exercises as walking or climbing stairs difficult or impossible. For those who have impaired mobility due to obesity, static muscle contractions can make a good five-minute exercise. These exercises work the muscle without requiring the joint to move. Do these by pressing up against a wall and letting your muscles hold your weight. Otherwise, sit and contract every muscle in your body one at a time. Hold it tight for 30 seconds and then relax it for 30 seconds. Work your way from your head to your toes.

Exercise Ball

Purchase an exercise ball and spend five minutes at a time with it, focusing on a different sort of exercise during each five-minute session. One session a day can focus on stretching, another can focus on abs and core exercises, one on upper body exercises and another on lower body exercises.

Body Movement

Any movement is better than no movement at all. Take time at your desk or in your chair to do five minutes of movement. Lift your legs, hold them and lower them for five minutes. Do neck circles or arm circles. Stand up and twist at your waist for five minutes. Stretch up and touch the top of a door frame and then lower your arms, repeating this motion for five minutes.