Can I Push a Regular Stroller While Jogging?

When you already have a laundry list of items to purchase before the birth of your baby, several different types of strollers often seem like unnecessary investments. Since traditional, umbrella and travel system strollers seem like they function in the same way as jogging strollers, it's easy to mistakenly believe that they're interchangeable. Before you try jogging with another type of stroller, consider the safety features of most good-quality jogging strollers to decide whether it's a risk you're willing to take.

Stroller Types and Purposes

A jogging stroller has a very specific purpose among your other baby gear 1. Made with speed in mind, it offers safety features which help to protect your baby when you're moving at faster speeds than usual. Four-wheeled stroller designs are made for slower walking and touring, thanks to their swivel wheels. While the maneuverable wheels make it easy for you to get around, they aren't safe for running; they could easily turn suddenly, potentially throwing your baby from the stroller or resulting in whiplash-like injuries.

Possible Dangers

Jogging strollers are a necessity for runners who plan to run with their babies for several reasons. Jogging strollers are meant for babies who are at least 6 months of age, since they don't fully recline for safety reasons. This helps to remove the temptation of running with a younger baby, who could sustain injuries due to the jerky movement of running. Typical strollers don't have any safeguards in place for the danger of the stroller rolling away when you run, nor do they offer brakes. Precautions and brakes are necessary in case of falls, losing control of the stroller or jerky stops during emergencies.

Jogging Stroller Features

Jogging strollers always have a fixed front wheel, which helps avoid sudden turns that could result in injury. Some jogging strollers have a swivel wheel to allow you to use it in a more casual setting. However, that wheel is then locked for jogging. Jogging strollers also offer hand brakes for quick, smooth stops and wrist straps to help you stay in control.

Choosing and Using a Jogging Stroller

It's safest to use your everyday stroller for walking around the mall, going on day trips and for casual walks around your neighborhood. If you plan to run with your baby at any time, whether to train for events or for general fitness, the purchase of a jogging stroller is necessary. When purchasing a jogging stroller, look for safety features and a size that is manageable for you. Some of the features to consider include beverage holders, cargo space and a harness safety belt to keep your baby safe and secure while you run.