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Bulletin Board Ideas for Food & Nutrition

By Sara Ipatenco

Whether you're aiming to teach schoolchildren about the importance of eating a healthy diet or you're in charge of wellness at your workplace, a bulletin board can be an effective way to provide educational materials and resources about health and nutrition. The trick is to make the bulletin boards colorful and visually pleasing so people are enticed to come take a look. Start by covering the board with a colorful piece of butcher paper and then attach your educational materials.

Tip of the Week

Set aside a section of your bulletin board to post a tip of the week. This will entice students or co-workers to keep coming back to the bulletin board to learn more. Perhaps you could hang a tip saying that replacing soda with water is a healthy way to cut sugar intake or that adding at least one serving of fruits or vegetables to the diet is a good way to get more fiber. Adults might benefit from a tip about eating more fatty fish, such as salmon, while children might benefit from learning more about choosing healthy school cafeteria menu items.

Bet You Didn't Know ...

Make your bulletin board entertaining by having a section with nutrition and health facts that aren't common knowledge. Perhaps you could hang a fact that states what hot dogs are really made of or hang a picture of what the 10 teaspoons of sugar in an average soda looks like. If you're making a bulletin board at your place of employment, you might tell employees how many calories are in traditional vending machine foods or fast-food meals. Many children are entertained by gross facts, so you might hang pictures of what fat or cholesterol looks like to help encourage them to choose healthy foods.

Pictures Galore

Create a picture-driven bulletin board, which can be especially beneficial for children who are too young to read or for adults who don't have time to stop and read a bunch of facts on a bulletin board. Hang graphics of the MyPlate meal-planning recommendations from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Separate your bulletin board into two sections and hang pictures of healthy foods in one section and pictures of junk foods in the second section.

Interactive Bulletin Boards

If your bulletin board is at your place of employment, create a recipe exchange section. Encourage your co-workers to leave copies of healthy recipes for other people to take. Ask adults and children alike to take pictures of healthy meals they prepare or eat at home to hang up on the bulletin board. The pictures can motivate others to make healthy meals themselves. You might also hang up a blank MyPlate graphic and ask people to bring pictures of foods to glue or tape into the appropriate sections of the graphic. This will show everyone else what kinds of foods they should be eating.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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