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Will Drinking Vinegar Clean My Arteries?

By Brynne Chandler

Alternative and natural medicines and home remedies are often found to have some basis in scientific fact. Drinking raw vinegar has many proven health benefits, but cleaning clogged arteries is not one of them. Cleaning your arteries is not as simple as vacuuming out a clogged hose. The cholesterol – whether dietary or through genetic predisposition – that can clump up in your bloodstream and adhere to your artery walls is not that simple to remove.

Artery Facts

Arteries are the little superhighways that your blood travels through on its way from your heart to carry oxygen, water and nutrients to the rest of your body. High levels of LDLs or lower-density lipoproteins in your blood can build up inside of these flexible, tiny tubes, making it harder for your blood to pass through them. This causes high blood pressure, and a blocked artery can lead to heart attack or stroke. Vinegar helps regulate blood sugar levels, but it does not dissolve cholesterol.

Vinegar Facts

Vinegar can be made from almost anything from fruits and vegetables, to alcohols like beer and wine. The initial ingredient is fermented twice, resulting in the tart taste that vinegar is known for. Raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar contains visible sediment called “mother” that is loaded with vitamins and enzymes, but none of them contain the LDL-scouring or triglyceride-lowering properties needed to clean out the cholesterol deposits in clogged arteries.


Vinegar has no effect on “cleaning out” your arteries. Plant stanols and sterols are needed for that, and they are not found in vinegar. Eating a leafy green salad before lunch and dinner that includes vinegar in the dressing can have several health benefits. The bulk and fiber in the greens will help keep you full, as well as being packed with nutrients like vitamin C and folic acid. The blood-sugar regulating properties of the vinegar will also help keep you feeling satisfied longer.


The high acetic acid content of vinegar can be harmful if it is taken undiluted. Vinegar, especially the more potent raw and unfiltered kinds, can burn your tongue and the inside of your mouth as well as your esophagus. It can also wear the enamel off of your teeth. Never drink vinegar without making sure you dilute it to at least one part vinegar to ten parts of another liquid like water, tea or juice.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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