Foods to Avoid for Blood Group AB

Fact Checked

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According to Peter D'Adamo, a naturopathic physician, the traditional modern approach to dieting is entirely wrong. Instead of following a low-carbohydrate diet or counting calories, D'Adamo believes that you should use your blood type to determine what foods to eat. If you have type AB blood and follow the blood type diet, D'Adamo claims that you can lose weight, boost your energy levels and decrease your risk of chronic disease.


D'Adamo claims that because people with type AB blood have low stomach acid, they cannot effectively break down meats. Thus, you should avoid beef, pork, heart, chicken, goose, game hens, duck and venison. The diet also forbids certain types of seafood, including barracuda, eel, flounder, halibut, haddock, sea bass and octopus. However, tuna, cod, perch, trout, salmon, sardines and pike are acceptable for type AB individuals.


People with AB blood can digest small amounts of some dairy products, including yogurt and kefir. Your should avoid dairy products that contain fat on the blood type diet. Do not eat American, blue, brie, Camembert, provolone or Parmesan cheeses. Also avoid eating butter, whole milk or ice cream.


Eating certain types of beans supposedly causes a negative insulin reaction in type AB individuals. As a result, you should not eat azuki beans, black beans, fava beans, chickpeas, kidney beans, black-eyed peas or lima beans. Eating navy beans, red beans, lentils, peas and string beans is acceptable for people with type AB blood.


Most grains are acceptable for type AB individuals, but you should not eat corn or buckwheat products. These foods may cause a negative insulin reaction, lowering your blood sugar and decreasing your metabolic efficiency. All other grain products are acceptable.

Fruits and Vegetables

The blood type diet for type AB individuals forbids a variety of fruits and vegetables. You should avoid eating avocados, corn, mushrooms, olives, artichokes, radishes, sprouts, guava, mangoes, oranges, pomegranates, rhubarb, bananas, coconuts and starfruit. Your body can tolerate any other fruits and vegetables, which may provide valuable vitamins and minerals.


Most conventional doctors reject the idea that your blood type determines your optimal diet. According to dietitian Juliette Kellow, the blood type diet is not a healthy eating plan. While you may lose weight by cutting full-fat dairy products and other high-calorie foods from your meals, you may become deficient in other nutrients. No scientific studies support D'Adamo's claims about the benefits of a blood type diet. To find a healthy eating plan that is safe for you, discuss your diet with a doctor.