Calcium Deficiency & Sex Drive

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Calcium deficiency is typically caused by an overactive parathyroid gland or a diet without calcium-rich foods. When the parathyroid gland malfunctions and creates too much parathyroid hormone a calcium deficiency and numerous problematic symptoms can follow, notes Medline Plus. It is important to eat foods that contain calcium, such as yogurt and milk. Also, ask your doctor to test your calcium level at your physical.


A calcium deficiency causes disordered thinking and an increase in irritability, notes Cedars-Sinai. These symptoms often greatly disrupt ability to function at and enjoy daily activities. Any change in your feeling of well being due to a calcium deficiency will often decrease the desire for sex.


If you do not have enough calcium in your body you will also experience insomnia, exhaustion and a lowered sex drive, notes Cedars-Sinai. The lack of sleep will diminish your overall energy level. This tiredness will also contribute to the decreased sex drive that occurs when your body is calcium deprived.

Pain & Headaches

Pain in your leg bones and headaches can also arise due to a calcium deficiency. Any kind of physical pain or heart disorder can dramatically decrease your interest in sexual activities. Inform your doctor of any unusual pain to ensure that the problem does not escalate over time.

Heart Disorders

A variety of heart arrhythmias often arise if your body has a calcium deficiency. Cardiovascular heart issues are a known cause of female sexual dysfunction, notes The heart must function optimally to pump blood throughout the body and to the sex organs to help arousal occur in both men and women.

Vitamin D & Calcium

Eating foods that contain vitamin D helps your body use calcium. Adding foods that contain vitamin D to your diet helps your bones absorb calcium. These foods include salmon, tuna, sardines, vitamin-D fortified cereals and eggs, notes the University of Maryland Medical Center. When your body has an adequate supply of calcium and vitamin D your overall health and sexuality will be more robust.