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How to Teach Kids a Volleyball Serve

By Nicole Waldo

Volleyball is a challenging and an entertaining sport for kids. It enables them to stay active and learn about teamwork. Serving is important because it starts the play, putting the ball into motion and often setting the tone for how participants play the point. Learning to serve requires several steps, but you need to keep them simple for kids so they stay engaged, remain eager to learn and have fun at the same time.

  1. Give the kids a balloon to practice proper serving techniques. Balloons keep learning fun and allow the youngsters to focus on arm control.

  2. Demonstrate a proper serve by showing the kids how to stand with their left foot slightly in front of their right foot if they are right-handed. It is just the opposite for kids who are left-handed.

  3. Show how to toss the balloon 2 feet above the head, and let the balloon drop to the floor. The balloon should land about a foot in front of the them. Have them practice the toss repeatedly.

  4. Instruct the kids on proper serving motion by having them bring their right hand up and back just behind their ear with their palm is facing the net. Ask them to flick their ear with their thumb as they draw their hand back to help remind them to keep their arm close to their body. Have them step forward toward the net with their left foot and swing their arm simultaneously. Urge them to keep their eye on the balloon, striking it when it is just above and in front of their head.

  5. Give the kids a volleyball, and have them stand facing a wall about 10 feet away. Place a colored dot on the wall, and instruct them to practice serving the volleyball, aiming to hit the colored dot. This enables the children to work on serving accuracy.

  6. Ask the kids to stand on the attack line, and have them practice by employing the skills they learned to get the serve over the net. As they improve, move them back to the serving line.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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