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What Type of Exercises Should Gynaeoid Body Types Do?

By Pha Lo

People who are gynaeoid, or “pear-shaped,” tend to carry extra weight in the lower body around the hips, thighs and abdomen. Although diet and exercise compose the prescription for weight loss for the general population, specific recommendations for certain body types can help with weight loss and overall health.


The gynaeoid body type falls into the endomorphs category of people. Endomorphs tend to store more fat and have a more difficult time losing weight than other body types. Challenges that gynaeoids have with exercise include choosing the right types of activities to ward off weight gain.

Cardio Activities

Gynaeoids should focus on cardio activities such as running, bicycling and swimming to burn calories. To lose or maintain weight, engage in activities that will burn enough calories to counteract those consumed. Use a heart rate monitor or calorie calculator to track your cardio workouts and adjust the intensity and duration when necessary.


Gynaeoid body types should engage in light strength-training while focusing on calorie-burning aerobics. Use light to moderate weights and do a higher number of reps at around 12 to 20. When strength-training, minimize the rest period between sets to no more than 60 seconds. Doing so keeps your heart in the fat-burning zone.


Consistency is key for gynaeoids when it comes to exercise. Choose activities that you enjoy, such as team sports, and schedule calorie-burning cardio into your weekly routine. Daily activities such as walking, using stairs instead of elevators and household work all burn calories as recommended for gynaeoids who wish to maintain a healthful weight.

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