Exercises for Slimmer Arms

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Flabby arms are more of an aesthetic problem than health risk. Fat in outlying areas like the arms is subcutaneous, which means it is right under the skin and away from the vital organs. The goal with removing this fat is to promote weight loss throughout your body as a whole, while toning your arms. This will give you a leaner look and help you gain back your self-confidence.

Cardio Training

Cardiovascular training is pivotal when it comes to making your arms skinny. When you do cardio exercises, you must work at 75 to 80 percent of your maximum heart rate to burn fat throughout your body, including your arms. All forms of cardio will produce weight loss, but some forms specifically involve your arms, which help improve their tone. Choose elliptical training, swimming, rowing, kickboxing or rope jumping for the best results. For the best weight-loss results, perform 150 to 300 minutes of moderately-intense aerobic activity every week.

Arm-toning Exercises

The main muscles in the arms are the triceps and biceps. The triceps sit on the back of the upper arms, and the biceps are in the front. When it comes to weight-training exercises, your goal is to work both of these muscles. This will give your arms more definition and also build muscle. Adding muscle increases the rate at which your body burns calories while you are at rest. With a faster resting metabolism, you will lose arm fat even quicker.


Exercises need to involve elbow extension and flexion. Elbow extension takes place when you straighten your arm, and it works the triceps. Flexion takes place when you reduce the angle between your forearm and upper arm, and it works the biceps. Close-grip bench presses, dips and triceps extensions work the triceps. Barbell curls, chinups and hammer curls work the biceps. Using proper technique is important for making progress with your arm exercises; plus helps prevent injuries. Never rely on momentum with your exercises, and make sure to use a full range of motion and working until your muscles cannot do one more rep.

About Diet

Although exercise helps lean out flabby arms, you also have to take your diet into consideration. If you continue to eat high amounts of calories, you will defeat your efforts in the gym. The best way to lose arm fat, or fat anywhere on your body, is to cut back on your calories while exercising. This will increase your caloric deficit and promote faster progress. A 500-calorie daily reduction will cause you to lose about 1 lb. a week.