Are Turnips Low on the Glycemic Food List?

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If you're using the glycemic index as a guide to make better food choices, it takes some getting used to before you become familiar with the GI value of different foods. The GI measures how rapidly carbohydrate-containing foods cause your blood sugar to rise. If you have diabetes or follow a low-glycemic diet for weight loss, it's crucial to choose foods that help keep your blood sugar stable. Glycemic values range from 0 to 100, with high-glycemic foods ranking higher on the scale.

Gylcemic Value for Turnips

Turnips are a highly nutritious root vegetable, and with a GI value of 62, they are considered moderately glycemic. The goal of the glycemic index is for you to choose foods with a low glycemic value most of the time, and eat foods with an intermediate value in moderation. Foods with a GI value of 70 and above are ranked as high glycemic, while foods with a value of 55 or below are low glycemic. Pairing turnips with a high-protein food will reduce the glycemic response.