How Many Calories are Burned Per Hour Playing Baseball?

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Effective baseball players have superior physical fitness. Excelling in the sport requires strong muscles, sprinting ability, coordination and endurance. For example, outfielders must run fast to field a ball and throw it quickly to the appropriate base. Meanwhile, the batter runs as fast as possible around the bases. No matter what position, you will burn calories playing baseball.


Any type of physical activity uses energy, but baseball often requires vigorous physical movements, so playing regularly is an effective way to burn calories. At the highest levels of the sport, players engage in rigorous training to improve their skills, which also burns calories. For example, a baseball-training regimen might include regular strength training to develop power, cardiovascular exercise to develop endurance and baseball-specific drills to develop fundamental skills.

Calories Burned

A 160-lb. person who plays baseball for 30 minutes burns 182 calories, according to HealthStatus. Players who weigh more burn additional calories because their bodies must work harder to bat, run and field. For example, a 240-lb. person who plays baseball for 30 minutes burns 273 calories.


If you’re not burning sufficient calories during a game, increase your movement to increase your energy usage. For example, if you are in the outfield, run in place occasionally to burn more calories. When you run the bases, sprint as fast as possible. When you’re waiting to bat, perform practice swings. Adding weights to the bat increases the intensity of the exercise.


Another factor that affects the number of calories you burn while playing baseball is your position. For example, pitchers don’t run as often as fielders, but they use explosive body power to launch balls at high speeds. If you are playing baseball to burn calories, the most effective approach is to play a position that challenges you physically. Which position that is depends on your skills and the playing style of everyone in the game. For example, infielders might burn many calories if the other team hits mostly short balls, but the fielders will get more exercise if the batters hit long balls. Try different positions to determine which offer you the most physical benefits.