Fruit juice can help you get the water you need to stay hydrated, and cranberry pomegranate juice is a tasty option 1. It provides a range of nutritional and medicinal benefits. This juice is appropriate for nearly any diet if you are a healthy person; consult your health care provider if you have medical conditions such as diabetes.

Suitable For a Low Fat Diet

People who are dieting often want a tastier alternative to water, but some fruit juices contain fat. Try cranberry pomegranate juice without additives for a juice with 0 g of fat per 8 oz 1. serving. Your body does require some fat to function, but it is best to take in fat from sources that contribute large volumes of vitamins and minerals in order to get the best bang for your nutritional buck. Note that this serving of cranberry pomegranate juice contains 140 calories, so even though it is has no fat, it does contribute calories to your meal plan 1.

Contains Only Natural Sugars

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Many fruit juices available for purchase contain added sugar, particularly cranberry juice because cranberries are naturally quite tart. The addition of sweet pomegranate juice renders the addition of natural or artificial sweeteners unnecessary to make the taste more palatable. While one serving of cranberry pomegranate juice does contain 30 g of sugar, these natural sugars generally do not promote tooth decay and cavities or weight gain in the same way that added sugars do 1.

Excellent Source of Vitamin C

Drink a serving of cranberry pomegranate juice, and you satisfy your daily need for vitamin C. The vitamin C content in this juice is associated with rapid healing of cuts and scrapes as well as the production of collagen that helps form tendons and ligaments, but it may also help alleviate hypertension 1. A study published in the February 2011 issue of the journal “Biometals” correlates vitamin C consumption with a decrease in high blood pressure triggered by certain environmental pollutants. The research was done on mice, so human studies are needed to confirm that these finds translate to humans. Do not drink cranberry pomegranate juice to treat any hypertensive conditions without speaking to your physician 1.

Contains Other Vitamins and Minerals

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Cranberry pomegranate juice contains small amounts of a variety of minerals and vitamins 1. One serving provides 5 percent of the calcium need each day; the calcium you take in through this juice promotes bone strength, and it may also decrease your risk of high blood pressure. You also get 5 percent of the daily recommended intake of vitamin A and vitamin E.