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Benefits of Vitamin D4

By Heather Topham Wood

Vitamin D4, also called dihydrotachysterol, is used to elevate the levels of calcium in the blood. The vitamin also has the ability to stimulate proteins in the body to better transport calcium through the blood. Medical conditions can be treated through the use of vitamin D4 supplementation. Along with vitamin D4, your doctor may also recommend a calcium supplement.


The benefit of vitamin D4 is that it helps your body absorb calcium and eliminate phosphorous. Calcium is better absorbed by the intestines and phosphorous excretion is increased. Vitamin D4 is administered through your physician with dosage amounts between 750 mcg and 2.5 mg daily, according to the Mayo Clinic. Maintenance doses of 200 mcg to 1 mg may be recommended after you have undergone treatment for tetany or hypoparathyroidism.


If you have low amounts of calcium, you may be suffering from a form of tetany. Tetany occurs when you have involuntary contractions of the muscles. The spasms may occur in your hands and feet along with cramping symptoms and overactive reflexes. Vitamin D4 may be prescribed by a physician to treat forms of post-operative tetany along with unknown causes of tetany.


Vitamin D4 has also been indicated for use in patients who suffer from a rare condition called hypoparathyroidism. This occurs when your body secretes low levels of the parathyroid hormone. When this occurs, you’ll have abnormally low levels of calcium in your blood. Symptoms may include muscle cramping, fatigue, weakness, weak nails, brittle hair, dry skin and mood swings.


The vitamin D4 dosage recommended to treat tetany and hypoparathyroidism is typically much higher than those you would find in over-the-counter supplements. High levels of calcium and vitamin D can produce side effects such as stomach upset, impaired kidney function, bone loss, headaches, weakness and fatigue. Let your doctor know if you are experiencing any of these symptoms while taking vitamin D4.

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