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How to Peel Bell Peppers

By Joshua McCarron

Removing the skin from a bell pepper enables you to alter the texture of the pepper in different dishes, and prepare the pepper to add to sauces. Peeling a bell pepper is not as simple as peeling other vegetables or fruits. Using a standard vegetable peeler won’t get the job done. You must loosen the skin so it virtually “rubs away” to peel a bell pepper successfully.

  1. Set the broiler in your oven to its highest temperature, or preheat your barbecue to high.

  2. Place the whole bell pepper directly on the barbecue grates, or on a baking sheet under your broiler.

  3. Allow the skin of the bell pepper to blister and blacken, and then turn it over so all sides become black.

  4. Remove the blackened pepper from the heat and place it in a paper bag for roughly 10 minutes. The steam in the bag loosens the skin.

  5. Remove the pepper from the bag and rub the skin off while holding it under cool, running water.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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