How to Lose a Stomach That Hangs After Weight Loss When Over 60

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After a period of weight loss, some people may be upset to find that their belly still overshadows the belt buckle. People who lose weight rapidly or have poor skin tone may suffer a sagging tummy after losing the fat that supported it. Anyone older than 60 who smokes, lost a significant amount of weight or spent time tanning in her youth might regret those decisions now because they all impact skin tone. But there are ways to reduce that hanging stomach.

Stop smoking. The toxins in tobacco damage the collagen in the skin. Collagen is what keeps skin appearing smooth and firm. Although damage already done cannot be reversed by smoking cessation, those who quit will not continue to damage their skin tone.

Start exercising. True -- there is no such thing as spot-reduction and you can't exercise off a sagging belly. However, exercise can tighten the muscles underneath the sagging skin and reinforce the connective tissues between the skin and the muscles.

Continue a healthy diet. Although you may have experienced weight loss, body-fat storage is highly individual. Some people may have an otherwise thin figure with a rotund belly. Keep up with the weight loss, and eventually fat -- even stubborn belly fat -- will go away.

Keep the skin moisturized from the inside and out. Almost 1/3 of people older than 60 are walking around dehydrated. Drink water throughout the day, and avoid beverages that dry out the body, such as those containing caffeine or alcohol. For each glass of water you drink, 80 percent is going straight to skin repairs. Apply thick moisturizers on the abdominal skin to keep it moist and pliant.

Consider surgical options last, if at all. People with damaged skin or extremely rapid weight loss may not have another alternative but to get the skin cut off. A plastic surgeon can provide information on the procedure used to remove excess skin folds on the abdomen after weight loss, commonly referred to as a tummy tuck.