Benefits of Drinking Water for Children

Water is crucial for survival. Human beings need to drink several glasses of water each day to keep their body working properly. reports that the human body is made of 60 percent water so drinking adequate amounts is important. Your child needs access to clean drinking water throughout the day to help maintain her health. When your child drinks plenty of water, she is also reaping several protective benefits.


Many water municipalities add fluoride to the water supply so that when your child drinks tap water he is consuming some of this additive, which is beneficial for his oral health 1. KidsHealth reports that fluoride may help prevent dental cavities and may also reverse tooth decay in the early stages of the disease 14. As your child consumes fluoride from drinking water, his teeth absorb it so that they can form and maintain their strength 1. Fluoride also helps protect the surface of your child's teeth from foods, such as sugar, that can lead to cavities and tooth decay. Most bottled water does not supply fluoride so your child should drink some tap water each day 1.

Reduces Consumption of Sugary Beverages

The rate of soda consumption among children continues to increase, which means that many children drink more sugary drinks than water. Sharron Dalton reports in her book, "Our Overweight Children," that making water readily available to your children may reduce how many sugary drinks she consumes 2. Provide your child with a refillable water bottle that she is only allowed to drink water from. Encourage her to fill it up several times a day and she will be quenching her thirst with healthy water rather than sugar-filled drinks. Restrict sugary drinks for occasional treats.

Prevents Dehydration

Your child's body needs a constant supply of water to ensure that his body is able to carry out all of the functions that allow him to learn, grow and be physically active. When your child does not drink enough water, he may experience mild dehydration, which can cause him to feel tired and leave him without any energy 4. KidsHealth adds that if your child is dehydrated, he may also exhibit symptoms like dry mouth and a lack of urination 14. Offer your child water throughout the day and increase how much he drinks when he is playing hard, exercising or otherwise being physically active.

Flushes Out Toxins and Carries Nutrients

Water plays many roles in your child's body, and getting rid of toxins that can lead to illness is one of the most important. When your child supplies her body with a steady stream of water, it will help flush out her organs so that toxins are not able to cause damage. adds that when your child supplies her body with water, the nutrients she consumes from her food are more likely to be efficiently transported to all of her internal organs.