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Which Is Healthier: Liquid or Powder Cayenne Pepper?

By Susan Diranian

It seems like every day there is a new discovery about a certain type of food and its newfound health benefits. One such discovery involves foods like hot peppers and spices like cayenne pepper. Research shows that adding spices and/or spicy peppers to your diet not only adds more flavor and kick, but it provides other surprising health benefits as well.

Health Benefits of Spicy Foods

Eating and/or adding spicy foods to your diet provides many noted health benefits. A 1999 study in the "British Journal of Nutrition" by M. Yoshioka and colleagues found that women who added spices to their morning meals -- such as hot sauce -- ate fewer calories and fat throughout the rest of the day, which can lead to a slimmer waistline. Compounds that make up spicy foods and spices, like curcumin and capsaicin, provide additional health benefits, such as muscle recovery after an intense workout and an overall boost in happiness and brain power.

Liquid Cayenne Pepper

Studies show that liquid cayenne pepper may help with weight loss as well as help fight cancer, among other health benefits. A 2007 study performed at Nottingham University by Dr. Timothy E. Bates and colleagues in England showed that capsaicin found in cayenne peppers attack and kill cancer cells. Bates, the lead researcher, noted that capsaicin had already been included as a treatment for various ailments, such as muscle strains and psoriasis. Other studies show that a liquid cayenne pepper diet stimulates circulation, neutralizes acidity in the body as well as kills leukemic, pancreatic, prostate and lung cancer cells.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

Powdered Cayenne Pepper

Powdered cayenne pepper provides many of the same health benefits as liquid cayenne pepper. It helps promote digestion as well as ease any stomach discomfort, such as ulcers, upset stomach and diarrhea. It helps remedy toothaches and joint pain. The heat of the capsaicin may make you sweat, allowing your body to detoxify itself as well as distract your body's reaction to pain, such as that felt with migraines. Powdered cayenne pepper is also known for its anti-allergen, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial capabilities.

Choose Powdered Over Liquid

When it comes to powdered or liquid cayenne pepper, your best bet is to go with powdered. Powdered cayenne pepper is simple to use and has a great amount of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. As always, speak with your doctor first before making any changes to your diet.

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