How to Reduce Gout By Drinking Water

Gout is a condition of acute inflammatory arthritis that causes joints to swell and become tender. Most gout attacks occur in the big toe, but can be found in other joints in the body, including the knee, wrists and fingers 1. High levels of uric acid precipitate and settle in the joints, causing discomfort due to the needle-like structure of uric acid. There are several treatments for gout, but a natural way to treat and prevent gout is simple drinking water.

Is This an Emergency?

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Drink 12 8 oz. glasses of water a day. Water keeps the body hydrated and prevents the formation of uric acid crystals, the engine of gout. It will also flush excess acid from the kidneys and prevent future gout attacks.

Drink the water in small amounts throughout the day. The amount of water to be consumed can be a bit intimidating when one tries to tackle it all at once or in sessions. Spread the water intake throughout the day to avoid getting overwhelmed. Doing this will also reduce bloating.

Check urine for water levels 2. Urine should be clear due to the constant water intake. If the urine does not appear clear, it is a sign more water should be consumed.