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Fruit & Protein Diet

By Lysis

A fruit and protein diet provides dieters with energy for daily activities and weight training. Protein is a nutritional component required to help muscles to repair after weight training. Fruit provides good carbohydrates for the right kind of sugar energy. Combining these two foods along with some vegetables makes for a low-calorie diet that helps people lose weight and build muscle.


Proteins are found in animal food products. This includes fish, red meat, poultry and pork. Proteins are also found in beans, nuts, milk and eggs. When choosing proteins for a diet, avoid fats. Some foods like red meat, milk and eggs have high amounts of saturated fats, which are bad for cardiovascular health. Choose lean meats like skinless chicken and turkey. Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids along with protein, so choose mackerel, tuna, trout or salmon. Beans and nuts are good as healthy snacks or as a side-dish for a protein and fruit diet.


Fruits can be used as a snack, part of a meal or as a good start for the day. Fruit contains good carbohydrates, which are an energy resource for the body. If the dieter is practicing a low-calorie diet, it's important to choose the right foods to avoid too many calories. Fruits like apricots, melons, peaches and tangerines are full of healthy sugars. These are good for snacking in between meals. Grapefruit is a very low-calorie fruit full of vitamins and nutrients. Grapes and cherries are also good for a portable, healthy snack. Bananas are beneficial for their potassium content. This fruit is used by weight trainers who need a good balance of minerals for muscle growth.


Part of any good diet is exercise. Eating certain foods and avoiding high calories helps the dieter lose weight, but tone and muscle mass comes from cardio exercise and resistance training. Exercise is also beneficial for heart health, and it reduces the chance of cardiovascular disease. Cardio exercise is best for burning calories. If a person has eaten a little too much for the day, a good cardio exercise can burn off hundreds of calories. Add resistance training to add muscle. Muscle burns off more calories even when the dieter is inactive.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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