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How to Heal After Surgery With Vitamins & Minerals

By Leah Webber

Surgery is an invasive procedure that involves incisions made to cosmetically reconstruct an aspect of the body, to correct an internal problem, or to remove or replace a body part. For optimal healing after surgery, some vitamins and minerals can help with cellular growth and tissue repair, as well as contribute to lessening the instances of infection and inflammation while healing.

  1. Rev up your immunity with vitamin C. After surgery, the levels of vitamin C in the body are quickly depleted because the body is using its immune response to fight off any pathogens the blood and tissues may have been exposed to from the air. Taking vitamin C after surgery can help restore the body's levels to normal and preserve its ability to reduce the chances of infection. Vitamin C is also needed to form collagen in the skin, which is necessary for skin growth and healing at the cite of incision.

  2. Take vitamin A to aid skin regeneration. Since vitamin A is essential in the body to maintain healthy skin and to generate new skin cells, it is an important nutrient needed in healing from surgery. Vitamin A is also needed to form new connective tissues, like the ones found in muscles and lining around organs.

  3. Speed up your healing. Take zinc to help reduce healing time. Zinc is a mineral that can speed healing time and boost immune function after surgery. Patients who are deficient in zinc at the time of surgery can take up to double the amount of time to heal, according to the book "Healing With Vitamins."

  4. Tip

    Request a blood test prior to your surgery to determine any nutritional deficiencies. Correcting these before your surgery date may help your healing time.


    Do not attempt to self-prescribe post-surgery healing supplements because they could interfere with your recovery. Consult your physician to determine the appropriate treatment for your recovery.

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