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Skipping Rope & Weight Loss

By Kimberly Wilson ; Updated July 18, 2017

Inexpensive and easy to do anywhere, jumping rope stands out as a weight-loss and fitness aid that you should not overlook. Skipping rope burns calories amazingly well; a 150-lb. person burns 375 calories in a half-hour session, according to the American Heart Association. Compare that to the same 150-lb. person walking at 3 mph who burns 160 calories. A jump rope routine combined with a healthy diet makes a good combination for those interested in weight loss.

Rope and Equipment

Check with your doctor to get the OK to begin jumping rope. You need minimal equipment to start. High-impact activities like jumping rope put stress on the joints, so wear aerobic shoes that cushion your feet well. If you plan to jump frequently, a padded exercise mat helps protect feet. Buy a good-quality rope; even good ones are not expensive. Look for one that has handles that don't feel too heavy and seem easy to grip with sweaty hands. To check the length, with one foot in the center of the rope, the handles should reach your chest.

Basic Technique

Skipping rope facilitates calorie burning if done on a regular basis. Those using correct form and an interesting routine will find a rope-jumping schedule easier to maintain. Grip the handles close to the rope and keep your elbows at your sides. Use your wrist to turn the rope and jump just high enough to clear the rope. Keep your hands level with your hips and look straight ahead while jumping. Higher jumps just tire you out sooner and can injure ankles and feet. If you become bored, you can try alternating your feet or devising your own hopscotch pattern of jumping.


Jumping rope has numerous benefits and few drawbacks. In addition to aiding weight loss, it builds endurance, promotes cardiovascular fitness and improves balance and coordination. An unexpected benefit is the increased blood flow to the brain, which can heighten alertness. Jumping rope, as well as exercise in general, is a good stress reliever, and rope skipping has the advantage of being inexpensive.

Jump Rope Tips

The bottom line in weight loss is taking in fewer calories than you burn. Rope jumping helps with calorie burning. For best weight-loss results, work on a healthy, low-calorie diet along with your rope jumping routine. As you schedule rope skipping into your day, find a pace that allows you to hold a conversation while jumping. If you become tired or out of breath, don't get discouraged. Just stop and walk in a small circle or perform another light activity until you can continue skipping rope.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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